Fear is the illusion. Limitations are created. I’m so aware of everything going on in this reality on both sides of the spectrum. To remain in balance is an art. And I’m a lover of the arts. … More Victorious

Healing Grounds

I watched the reaction. I felt the energy. The Stage is truly healing grounds for me. And as I continue to come from out of my shell and own who I truly am, I can only see more magic happening. The last four years have been the most interesting, beautiful, shattering, “eye” opening, intense, painful, … More Healing Grounds


Time. It has been some ‘time’ since I’ve been on my blog. But the major transformations that I’ve been enduringĀ are so incredible. I make major leaps and even looking back on a month I’ll notice how much I’ve changed, digested, and grown as a person in every way possible. Life keeps throwing things at me … More Boomerang


I was looking for you in the desert Breathing in sand, blindly feeling for your hand. Pouring out of my eyes were abandoned tears. My entire world was covered in disappointment with a hopeful foundation. As the wind increased I took it as you. Excited but scared. Could it be you? Snakes surround me. Maybe … More Deserted.


I’m not sure where I am at. I’m not sure where I’m going. I’m not sure where I come from. I’m not sure that I even need to be sure about any of that. But, I’m sure about myself. I’m not sure of my capabilities. But, I’m sure that I’m capable. Thrust out of the … More Sure.