Instincts and intuition

The deciding factor between life and death, at times. I want to take this moment to be appreciative for my intuition and instincts. For trusting myself regardless of the fact that other people may not be aware of their surroundings.

After a recent situation, I realized that many people cannot sense danger or trouble around them. Just like animals have their instincts and they are very alert, humans are the same. I mean, why wouldn’t we be? We are magnificent beings and I honor the ability we have to sense danger or anything for that matter.

After what happened, I started to think about all the ways people have got into situations that ended in serious injury (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual etc) or even death because they were disconnected from themselves and their inner guidance. The simple fact that it could have been avoided had they been connected within is enough to make me strengthen that bond everyday.

I’m grateful for omens and spirit animals/totems that come right on time and always with great meaning. I’m grateful that I am strong enough to realize that I have raised my vibration and that the individuals I may have known my whole life may not understand let alone like my choices because they are on an entirely different frequency.

I as I climbed the ladder of ascension, I will no longer look at the void as a negative thing where I’m lonely and confused. I’m letting these changes cradled me and love me. Nurture me and teach me how to keep going. I am grateful to evolve not frustrated that others aren’t as well. The only thing you can do is lead by example. 

2 thoughts on “Instincts and intuition

  1. Your usage of language and visuality is unlike some things I have read in a long time. The deep rooted connection to the words you type is more than evident. Symbolism is a strong part of life that most dont take to time to fully try to grasp and understand as there is a lot that is truly unknown to them, and their curiosity does not spark when the feeling of ignorance starts to take them over. You are really a being of the earth, only somebody with that genuine connection to it can see, feel, process, and interpret their true state of being and not look at it only at a face value. If no one ever told you of your inspiration within you, let me be the first. Your messages and words speak to me on a higher pane, and they motivate me on my journey towards self actualization. Your words are strong yet sweet, marvel in the fact of your knowledge and intellect. I envy where you’re at in life,, reading some of these have make me realize how trapped i feel in my current life, but thats a testimony for a different day. All in all, i love what youre doing and keep it up, you never know who’s life you might really rub off on and get to shine your light upon.


    1. That message came right on time. I had been super nervous to perform a piece last and I tend fall into modes where I’m super unsure of myself specifically with writing. I woke up to do a free write this morning and there was your message. Thank you. I’m thrilled that it touched you in ways that I myself was too blocked to appreciate. 🙂


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