Undivided Attention…

2:37 AM

I know night time is supposedly for sleeping, but I never feel more alive and awake until I meet up with midnight and her trails.

It’s at this time my crystal cave mind is the most intriguing. The exploration is an adventure I anticipate when the sun is high.

Me. Myself. I. And a world synonymous with a blank canvas. The moon as an easel as I paint stars whose presense will extend beyond the dark.

The solitude is assuring. A symbol of silent expression.

All of the individual moments of the day congregate into one big event. It’s at this time I like to extract and pinpoint the theme of the day. The essence.

It’s the soothing buzz of the fan. The friendliness of my warm mug of chamomile tea. Incense and music.

I’m back in my space. Not that I ever left.

But this undivided attention is what I long for.

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