Healing Grounds

I watched the reaction.

I felt the energy.

The Stage is truly healing grounds for me.

And as I continue to come from out of my shell and own who I truly am, I can only see more magic happening. The last four years have been the most interesting, beautiful, shattering, “eye” opening, intense, painful, blissful and most of all encouraging years thus far.

I am becoming who I always knew I was but was convinced it was unattainable.

Always listening to the vomit from those who have an upset stomach from ignoring their gut feelings their entire lives.

The disclaimer is always “They just want the best for you.” But, let’s really think about it. Is that true?

OR are they projecting unto you their same very fear that you are moving towards over coming. People claim to want the best for someone else, all the while not knowing what’s best for themselves. Blocked by the fear which creates the delusion followed by the stagnation.

Then feel like there isn’t a clue when the signs are literally embedded in your reality. LOOK.

I GNO the path I am on.

I’ve focused intensely on this my entire life. I started seeking truth from the start of this life and I haven’t stopped yet. And maybe this search wont reveal exactly how everything came to be and who was the first ever anything but finding truth within: That’s enlightening.

Connecting with yourself and realizing who you are. And then realizing how you can BE here. How you can create your life, literally.

Having to unlearn is a task but it is mind blowing and healing. Clear all the junk. Restore yourself.

This is a bit of a ramble but I needed to get some thoughts across.

Off to create.

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