Perfect Disaster – free write

Paranoia steadily whispers me into confusion. It makes me want to run away. But there is literally no where to go. I really want your affection. I want to see my love’s reflection through you.

I’ve always been so apprehensive with vulnerability though it’s my deepest pleasure to bare my heart to one who is deserving.

In this present moment. That is you.

It took a lot to arrive here. It wasn’t an around the corner, down the street, I’ll even take a chance riding on E type of trip. This was a journey. An adventure that convinced me it was worth it some how. Some way I was led right to you. And when I recognized who you were I began to choke. My awareness of my feelings was lodged In the pit of my throat.

This adventure was asking for my vulnerability.

Painstaking decision to be naked. I was in love with the possibility as I feared its opposite polarity. This could be perfect or a disaster. Or a perfect disaster.

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