“Magic Hour” writing series #1

  • A new writing series I’m starting called “Magic Hour”. These are creative writings in the wee hours of the night. They can be anything from a poem, a single word, a channeling, journaling, a short story etc. Here’s last night’s:

He’s content

But deep inside of him lies a hollow flame in the pit of his stomach

He rummages through the bland days with a acknowledgement of his greatness as a trophy for his imagination

He cannot fathom how his days could marinate in the infinite fire that cools down the water of knowledge so one could digest it in bites and observe the reason for his existence

The development of habitual resistance

He’s blocked the sacred passage

The way. The Word.

Cut through the clogged arteries

Give the art room to breath

Cease the moment that lingers into other moments slowing down the only thing that we can perceive as time

Don’t waste a dime.

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