“She” Writing Series #1

  • I’m also starting a writing series entitled “She”. These often come through as short stories and they are random perspectives of woman and girls. Just something that comes to my mind. I thought I’d start sharing all of this stuff. I mean isn’t that why I have a blog?! lol I’m getting it together.

Her insecurities had a twist. It wasn’t that she had an issue with self love. She really did adore herself. She constantly marveled at the mirror, surprised herself on the daily, and made herself laugh undeniably. She was no comedian but you’d be lying if you said she wasn’t funny.

It was the consideration she carried like a baby that no one else would find her as darling as she has. Everyone would just play pattie cake with what she had to offer and desired to share.

“With a love like this,” she felt, “I’d be better off recycling it inward where I’m sure it’d be appreciated.”

Talking about a hopeful romantic with not a bit of faith to take you over to tomorrow. It’s just one long mundane day for the insecure narcissist.

Hair strokes and cringes. Smiles and winces. Will you ever allow yourself to feel pleasure?

You fight it like it’s taking something away from you. Perhaps it’s just replacing pain since they’re the same thing anyway. Enjoy the sweeter side.

Today had been a particularly rough challenge for her. For the first time, she recognized her lack of balance. And believe me, she thought she had it all together.

Struck by confusion. She couldn’t fathom the trueness of everything coming crashing down on her at once. For someone who loved so hard, she felt she didn’t deserve the blow.

‘I’m bitter as fuck’ she thought.

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