At the moment..

6/18 It feels the same way every time I’m in his car: As if I’ll need a bath afterwards. And the wrinkles on my forehead indicate the nausea I experience every time from his chain smoking. But, I couldn’t be any more grateful. And if somehow I can, I’m working towards that. I’m sleeping on … More At the moment..

Toughin up..

In the present moment… I’d like to focus on monetizing my art. My creativity. The talisman. I do not view it as a chore. I’m excited to take the challenge. I see that I’m being “put through hell” literally so I wont fear it. So that I’ll be able to walk through the fiery swamps … More Toughin up..


Hello Unknown. I’d like to get to know you. We could go on a blind date and skate around the ring of spontaneity. And while you feed me a meal I didn’t order, I’ll take sips of trust in between each bite. I’m not sure who you are but I’m starting to injoy your company.


For the first time in months I cried tears of joy. No longer are they the distilled essence of my anger But the pure extract of my love.

Let it out…

I can see the finish line and from there, I’ll take off running. My panting excites those who root for me in their own way. It’s so hard to hate you because you let me go at a time I needed it most. The betrayal and the feeling of vast powerful emptiness squanders in my … More Let it out…

Cyclic Rapport

It feels as though I’m squandering but I know my soul is laundering. The fresh scent of egoless purity. Ego transcended through maturity. Each breath I take is a nudge to mastery. No longer do I let these netted catastrophes capture me. I look down at them as they beg for my hand. Convinced that … More Cyclic Rapport

Trust. A beautiful feeling. That no matter what happens, or what any one says you’re still sure. And that sureness is what animates your vision. The second you become unsure, the strength of the pull weakens…your manifestation falls through the cracks…